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From One Hopeless Romantic to Another

We all do it, infatuation pulls us in and we just want it so badly to be love. We know it’s not so we almost convince ourselves it is. Don’t do it to yourself. When it’s real… It’s real.

Where you should be tonight. 👀😊😘

"Privileged kids go to counseling, poor kids go to jail."

- Judge Mathis, speaking the truth  (via gehnzilla)

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My brothers. Eniggma - Go. Support real hip hop mannnn.

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Gave my mother the best Mother’s Day gift I possibly could have. I received my bachelors degree. This woman is my biggest supporter. I don’t know anyone more selfless, passionate and loving. She is literally my angel. I aspire to be more and more like her everyday.

Stumbling on that thin line of insanity
Obsessed with vanity
The current me is not who I plan to be
Nevertheless I’m still a fan of me

Should I feel some type of way about my pussy not being pink?

Is Pink Matter an ode to the light skinned woman’s pussy?

Or am I thinking about this far too deeply?

Would brown matter sound as good to you?

It sounds yummy to me.

And I don’t crave for vagina in the slightest.

Perhaps I’m just bias.

But if I don’t tell myself my womanly parts are beautiful, who will?

Some would kill for this brown matter.

Some would discard it.

Leave it to rot and become one with the brown soil that surrounds it.

Andre was with Badu so he must fancy both.

And we know Ocean fancies both,


Sex is colorless brown, yellow or pink.

And if I were a man I would want to taste the rainbow.

Possibly try all of it.

Theresa Sophia